Honoring America's National Services through the Great Outdoors

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American Valor Outdoors exists to provide the men and women of our armed forces, police, fire fighters and emergency medical services an opportunity to experience the therapeutic and healing qualities offered by the outdoors. By providing all-expense paid outdoors experiences, we believe we can pay tribute to and honor those who do so much to secure our liberties and freedoms. We acknowledge that freedom is not free and honor those who pay the price for it.

 We seek to provide hunting, fishing, shooting, photography, hiking and many other outdoor activities. Their goal becomes our mission.

 Your generous contribution will ensure that none of our heroes are ever turned away from the outdoors. We are a non-profit operation with a unique ability to showcase your contributions. Join us in thanking our military and public servants for the contributions and sacrifices they make for us. They deserve our respect and admiration, and by your contribution you too can say "thank you". We are truly dedicated to Honoring America’s National Services through the Great Outdoors.

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